مودبانه ی Idiot

In this episode I go over a number of different ways that you can call someone an “idiot” using a number of different more general English terms as well as some very specific Aussie terms.

– idiot
– moron
– numpty
– dipstick
– twit
– twat
– doofus
– numbskull
– galah
– bogan
– dill
– dag
– airhead
– dimwit

None of these are particularly rude, and I use quite a lot on a daily basis whether I’m seriously calling someone an idiot or using words in an endearing sense such as “dag” when someone has done something silly or stupid that I think is funny and we’re both laughing together about it.

As I say in at the end of the episode guys I would be careful not to go around using these like crazy in every situation, particularly formal situations, but at the same time they are the kinds of words you will hear a lot in informal and friendly situations. So I think it’s important to have some awareness of what they mean and when they will be used.

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