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To Borrow vs To Lend

 To borrow and to lend, what is the difference? And you’re not alone, this is the kind of verb that gets confused, even by natives sometimes, especially I guess, younger kids learning to use the stuff but I definitely hear it all the time, you’re not alone, this is made …

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While vs Whilst

What’s the difference between “while” and “whilst” says Duy, and I hope I’m saying that correct, Duy. “While” and “whilst”, “whilst*”. I would use these interchangeably. They’re exactly the same thing. “Whilst” is probably rarer, slightly less common, although I would use that. So that might be a little elevated …

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5Expressions To Sound More Australian

G’day Expression number one. “G’day”. Good day. You can say this as in “Hello”, “Hi” or “Hey”. See someone you know in the street? “G’day”. See a mate? “G’day mate!” Maybe you walk into a classroom, you’re a teacher, and you greet everyone in the class. “G’day guys!” Or maybe …

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